When You Touch Me

Story Behind The Song

i was in the hot tub one crisp night last december with my wife....i started humming iz's song 'little star', putting my own words to the basic melody...

Song Description

after a woman gives herself to her lover, her first, the emotions she goes through right afterwords as she lies there with him...wondering, loving, hoping...

Song Length 3:44 Genre Country - General, Pop - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Endearing, Adorable Subject Falling in Love, Unrequited Love
Language English


When you touch me
Like you do
I fall completely
In love with you

When you hold me
The way you do
No one else's
Arms will do

So please hold and touch me
Like I need you to
I want to feel
Like I'm part of you

You make me feel love
Like no one before
You are the one
That I've waited for

I don't need a reason
To love you this way
I love being special
Like I make your day

Will you whisper you love me as I lie by your side
And make me smile when my tears are all dried

So please hold and touch me
Like I need you to
I want to feel
Like I'm part of you

Hold me, touch me, hold me, touch me

a lovely simple country love song with a gospel feel to the style
really good vocals with the perfect backing music to match ,which was really lovely,
production and mix is perfect. a classy recording with a traditional melody , Class

What a beautiful intro to this song, instantly captured my attention, the harmonies are wonderful and the vocals are great.

I listened to this song several times and I'm absolutely in love with it. The vocal is so pure and sweet and the arrangement of the harmonies was spot on. This song is National quality and I do hope you are able to place it with an artist.

Good solid and real ballad... the two part harmony work is fabulous and the vocals are first rate... great fiddle and piano work as well

great vocals and melody

Lyrics Ken Matthiesen Music Scott Joyce
Producer Scott Joyce Performance Melissa Duval
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Cherri Wilson-Thornton My Top Songs 4/9/2011

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