Genres: Country, Folk & Retro Pop
Midwesterner, moved around a bit, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Oregon and back to Nebraska. Spent the 60's, 70's and 80's in Chicago where I was fortunate in counting Steve Goodman as a friend. The Folk genre is still an influence in my writing.

Some acheivements:
3rd Place: "Pale Blue Cotton" '05 Dallas Songwriting Assn.
1st Place: Someone's Waiting" '06 Dallas Songwriting Assn.

Galaxy of Stars Songwriting Contest, Nebraska State Fair:
3rd Place '07 "Mama Wouldn't Let me Play Guitar"
2nd Place '08 "Pale Blue Cotton"
3rd Place '10 "This Mother's Son"
4th Place '10 "Someone's Waiting"

Semi Finalist: "The Palace" '08 UK Songwriting Contest

Cut: "Someone's Waiting" Album: One Nation Under God, Frog & Scorpion Records

Rae Welch

Born and raised in the midwest, I grew up with country music. As an adult I worked and lived in the Chicago area, where I became acquainted with many of the folk artists of the 60's and 70's and learned to appreciate the lyrics of that genre. "The Earl of Oldtown", where I met Steve Goodman, Jim Post, Bonnie Koloc, Fred and Ed Holstein and many other folksingers, was a favorite haunt of mine. Good times! Seems like I have always written songs. Though I do not consider myself a singer / songwriter, I have participated in gigs at the Mo Java, and Meadowlark, Lincoln, NE coffee houses, the Winfield House, Thorpe Opera House in David City, NE and performed at several of the Nebraska State Fair "Galaxy of Stars" events.

Songs on this site include professional demos and home studio efforts.

1st Place Winner: '06 DSA
3rd Place Winner: '05 DSA
3rd Place Winner: "Mama Wouldn't Let Me Play Guitar" '07 "Galaxy of Stars" songwriting competition, Nebraska State Fair
2nd Place Winner: "Pale Blue Cotton", '09 "Galaxy of Stars" songwriting competition, Nebraska State Fair
Semi-Finalist: UK Songwriting Contest 2008
Cut: "Someone's Waiting" Album: "One Nation Under God", Frog & Scorpion Records
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Tom Ballister
over 30 days ago to Rae Welch

Rae: just tripped across your song list and been listenin' for almost an hour. You've a pretty good way with words! Keep it up and best wishes.

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Rae Welch
over 30 days ago

Many thanks Tom. Nobody but my wife and a few captive audiences have ever done that to my knowledge! Checked out your site and listened to all, not a get even thing at all, I really enjoyed them. Thanks for getting me back to Broadjam been away for a while. Rae

Elly Wininger
over 30 days ago to Rae Welch

Great stuff, Rae!

1 Replies
Rae Welch
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the comment Elly. Can always use an upper.

Mike Lewis
over 30 days ago to Rae Welch

Hey Rae- Wow! Thanks for the kind review of "Do Whatcha' Gotta Do".
Agree on high harmony. I said the same thing! Always appreciate your comments. Mike

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