Malley writes in all genres from rap to country to jazz, "I like it all I try to get inside each tune and say something".Holds a Masters Degree in education and teaches in the Buffalo Public School system. Writing songs and playing music for the better part of twenty-five years he compares his songwriting to cooking.'It takes time to produce quality cusine just as it takes time to produce a decent sounding recording.Different cultures have different cuisines just like each culture has their own sound. The process is the part I like best.Wether it is cooking or writing the end result is for someone else to enjoy, I don't look back much." A Certified Executive Chef he has been cooking about as long as he has been writing music. "Played in a ton of bands, was fired from everyone. I'd rather write my own stuff than go out to bars and play covers.The bottom line is I don't have to play music to survive, It makes a big difference. My songs are me.

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just finished "The moment" about here and right now. And how we can only live in the moment because the past we can't change and the future is not in our control. We can olny live in the moment.


I hate bio's they mean abolutely nothing! I am who I am and thats that! Just listen to the songs it's all about the songs. The songs are about me and they are part of me and that is really all you have to know. Am I a successful songwriter? No. Am I successful in life? Yes. Am I happy? Yes. Does the music business suck? Yes. I have been writing and recording since I have been 19 I am 50 now what else do you want to know? My influences? I am always listening to the blues. Although it does not always come out in my music, I believe the blues is sacred and after studying the blues on the piano for many years I finally realized that I will never be a great "Bluesman" and I should not try and imitate I should create. The Beatles are also a big influence just like the are anybody else who has written pop songs. I plead guilty to being a product of my generation the 70's. I also have studied jazz piano for a solid year. That opened my eyes and ears to a different language. I also like country music, the more tradtional stuff back before Country started sounding like rock music. Rap and hip hop is alright with me although for me to perform it would be dishonest, I wrote and produced a rap tune though, it was cool .The almighty acoustic guitar will always have a special place with me as will the sound of good piano track. Less is more for me. My favorite song of all time? I guess it has to be "Tangled up in blue" Dylans masterful work. Brilliant lyrics and simple arranging, no can imitate that man.....My all time favorite album would have to be Abby Road by the "you know who's" rock music at it's finest!


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Eric Lives Here
over 30 days ago to Malley

Malley, my apologies on hitting the submit button by accident on your song review before I was finished. I slipped on the button when i was done w/ the comments. I was able to leave feedback, although I didn't give a proper number score. Listening to your other music as we speak!

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over 30 days ago problem...I am just glad someone takes the time and effort to listen.....thanks jim Malley

Jeff Rauschl
over 30 days ago to Malley

Loved the tune "If I want to cry" and when I read your profile I have an even greater respect. I love the process of writing and creating, of course I hope to be heard but even one good listen means mission accomplished

C.L. music.
over 30 days ago to Malley

Thank you for your review of NOBODY BUT YOU .

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