The seed is the beginning, the soil is life and all we've been through, the raindrops are the tears.....and the sunshine is the love that will allow a beautiful thing to grow and flourish.
Thank You All very much for your support and input... -SD

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Spinal tap(screws)

So, last march in Mexico I was pushing on this boat back-first and collapsed some bone into some nerves and herniated a couple discs. I didn't know it at first because I'm already rickety from bustin' ass for twenty-eight years or so, with one or two off, This last, 2006, was one of the off years. So, still in Mexico after two weeks of no help from drugs and witch doctors, I go to a family doc. He misdiagnoses a collar and I go down in three days from barely able to get out to barely able to move and am in more pain than I am possibly allowed. off we go to the hospital in La Paz and they screw me back together. Spinal fusion with some of my hip bone and a plate screwed on. Mar 30th. On May 20th I had to move into a house in San Diego by myself and fly back to La Paz to get my jeep and stuff and bring it north. So, anyhow, I didn't treat myself well and I think its slipping around and the plate is a godsend. hope the screws hold.....anyhow, it hurts and pops. The nerve damage in my left arm and shoulder seems as good as it's going to get, but it's doable, though my neck bone does feel broken.....sure is fun gettin' old in a year or two. Thought it took a lifetime to get old.

Methods Used

I record myself in Pro Tools LE using one track, as live. I play a Takamine accoustic/electric primarily and sometimes my Strat or accoustic/electric Oscar Schmidt bass. I play through a Digitech RP200 processor and loop my rythyms and ?? through a Boss Loop Station. Both my live and my loop are then fed through a Yamaha emx66m PA on channel one and my vocals through channel two. I then send the monitor to the Pro Tools. I'm not an engineer nor do I have any experience recording. I like to perform live and I have been trying to achieve that sound. So, basically, any recording I put up from now on will be an "as live" recording, with the exception sometimes of pre-building my loop if I like the sound. I do this for performances too to save time on lengthy songs. The Martyr was my first attempt at multi-track recording. I'm sorry. I'll redo it soon. You might like it.


About the Scott Daniels Project

The thought behind the SDP grew from the seed of frustration. Frustration with life and humanity, frustration with time and my own frailties. I believe that good begets good and that we are, in that vein, in control of our destiny. That very belief in these times seems to be a weakness, as we humans seem to have come to behold selfishness and greed in high esteem. So the project, in short, came to me as burden to maybe reshape one mind, just one, from the self into kindness and benevolence, even if that one mind is mine.....

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