Lullaby For Precious

Story Behind The Song

Accoustic lead over accoustic rhythm loop w/beat. Voice may never get there on this one, but I have a good excuse..(they had to move all that stuff over to put the plate in my neck...heh)..and I'm a'tryin'....

Song Description


Song Length 2:38 Genre Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Slow (71 - 90)


Early in the mornin'
Dew still upon the lawn
Robin whistles his first tune
And the cat just stretches and yawns

Pup is playin' in the backyard
Mouse is in the shed
The stars have all gone to sleep
And baby's still in bed

When you wake little precious
Open your eyes so blue
The whole world will be waiting
Waiting just for you

So sleep to you my precious
And dream beautiful dreams
I'll see you in the mornin'
You'll be the joy ..that ...daylight ....brings

Lyrics Scott Daniels Music Scott Daniels
Performance Scott Daniels
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