Frozen Tears

Song Description

Recorded live. one track, loop station and takamine again (with a little harp).... thank you for listnin'

Song Length 6:04 Genre Rock - Alternative
Subject War, Violence Language English


As my soul bleeds from my body
the breath taken takes my life
I can feel the pain of millions
hungry eyes wailing in strife

yet believing, I look to the sun
though the blinding light and I are as one
melting to the future, molded from the past
lord of many miracles, pray death be my last

The steam rises from my wounds on this cold wintry field
I lie with my comrades, in bravery we'd not yield
striken down by war, frozen tears were shed
given no choice, to frozen graves we were led

the steam rises from the bread sitting on the windowsill
my children playing army on a snow-covered hill
my wife stands naked in the mirror hoping I'll soon return
and six-hundred miles away six-hundred bodies burn


Lyrics Scott Daniels Music Scott Daniels
Performance Scott Daniels
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