Where Has The Love Gone?

Song Description


Song Length 4:38 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Wake up in the morning
reach to my side
you're no longer there
another wasted night

and I can't pretend to know
what's gotten into you
but baby I surely know
It hadn't been me

and I don't know when
the flame in you subsided
but it's been so long now
there ain't no denyin' it

and all this fussin'
and all this fightin'
ain't gettin' us nowhere
I've got something else in mind


Where has the love gone
baby it's been so long
I can't believe we've let it come to this

where has the love gone
baby let's turn it on
something this good
just can't be wrong

Baby you once told me
that we become
what we think about
all day long

well baby,
if that's true
then I have become
a whole lot of you

and I don't know when
we started going wrong
just back it up here baby
let's start all over again

and do you remember those days and nights
when we never had the time to fight
and gettin' it together was
the first thing on our mind?


Lyrics Scott Daniels Music Scott Daniels
Performance Scott Daniels
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