Abstract Knowledge has always had a profound love for music; influenced by his father's taste in such artists as Tom Petty, BB King, Elvis Presley, & James Brown.

At a relatively early age Abstract Knowledge found his own path on the broad highway of music seeking inspiration for his art from leaders with a true message; Bob Marley, KRS-ONE, Tupac, Atmosphere, The Beatles and many more.

Abstract Knowledge brings a unique style and underground flavor leaving nothing off limits. As an advocate of Free Speach and Human Rights his songs often talk about important social issues including classes, power structure, and fighting for freedom.

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Abstract Knowledge is currently working on his debut album "Awaken"


Awesome hip-hop!

over 30 days ago to Abstract Knowledge

New Mixtape "Respect Before Success"
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thank you for checking "Flop n' the Johnson" out. The biggest criticism i received was,of course, the quality of the recording(you would chuckle if u knew what was used to record it).Well,... i have since pulled the performance files and remixed and mastered them. So,..please feel free to check out the remix and(please) give me your thoughts and suggestions.your friend D-day

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Clean Clean

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