My name is Mark McKittrick, I’m 21 years old (but look like a kid as I’ve been told), and I live in Bethel, NC (which is pretty much one of the smallest, deserted towns that exist). I sing, dance, play the piano, play the guitar, write songs/movies, and create music. Although I do play instruments, I wish to have a band play for me while I sing. I’m pretty much opened up to all styles of music and would be willing to sing any style proposed to me.
However, I do have morals and guidelines that I like to follow. Because of my Christianity, I do not “wish” to use cuss words or sing about songs that focus particularly on sex, drugs or alcohol, but rather positive/happy tunes and love songs. I generally find myself being more of a “Pop” type guy but tend to lean toward the “Happy Rock/Punky” sounds from time to time. I know that through prayer and support of my family, friends and fans… I will not fail the music industry but rather go through it with smiles and positive attitudes.


My name is Mark Mckittrick and I am a 21-year-old solo singer/performer with an enormous love for music. My material is completely original; I do pretty much anything there is that deals with music; write, sing, dance, play guitar and piano, etc... Although I sing many styles of music, I mainly focus on pop and punk rock music.

I am a Christian and believe in singing any music that does not suggest negative behavior. All of my life, entertainment has been my passion and music has been my desire. Through prayer and support of fans, I know I can achieve my dream. I am ready and waiting to find the person who has faith in my music, so that I will be given the opportunity to prove that I can succeed. I will not let the music industry down because I would be letting myself down in the process. I have the talent and the willingness to accomplish this dream.

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