This Time I'm Gone

Song Length 2:54 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later



I?ve got to tell you what?s been going through my head
There?s a peak in my life and I?m slipping off the edge
I gotta? walk away from the attitude and pain
Gotta break away, from this ball and chain, gotta end this thing
I?m here to say bye, Go on and ask me why,
I'm leaving you tonight, listen and I?ll tell you why?

I?ve tried everything to make it, been broken in and I can?t take it
It?s too late, third time is the charm, it?s been a dozen times yet here we are
Starting fights, telling lies, it?s all wrong, nothing?s right, makes me want to go insane
This time, I?m gone? Whoa!

I had no time to think, didn?t have a space breathe
And so I suffocated at your feet
And then you tell me that you?re gonna change, that we?re gonna make a way
Then it?s right back to the same old thing
It?s always one more try, I'm gonna say goodbye
Have a nice life, GOODBYE!


Music break

I?m here to say bye, Go on and ask me why
I'm leaving you tonight? (yeah)
It?s always one more try, I'm gonna say goodbye
Bye ? Bye ? Bye!

This time I?m gone? yeah
This time I?M GONE! Oh?
This time I?m gone?. Whoa!

Lyrics Mark McKittrick Music Mark McKittrick
Producer Mark McKittrick Publisher Mark McKittrick
Performance Mark McKittrick

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