Falling Apart

Song Length 3:29 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Religious
Lead Vocal Male Vocal



I?ve made mistakes many times
I took leaps of faith that discouraged my mind
I took all I had and put on the line
I fell to the ground, got back up and still tried
I?m trying to find a side of me
That?s strong enough to achieve my dreams

I?m falling apart, but still I try
Even when I feel weak I?m getting stronger inside
With every step, with every heart ache
I?ll strive for my hopes with every breath that I take

I try to hold on to what I am
I look at the skies to better help understand
This stubborn world is after me
I?m still holding hope, embracing all of my dreams
I?m trying to find a side of me
With faith so strong, it can achieve anything


I take the falls and take the pain
Dust myself off of every failing mistake
I?m dying to run, but fighting to stay
I?m holding on with every thing within me


Lyrics Mark McKittrick Music Mark McKittrick
Producer Mark McKittrick Publisher Mark McKittrick
Performance Mark McKittrick
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