Be Myself

Story Behind The Song

My ex-girlfriend was full of drama and told alot of lies and cried over EVERYTHING just for attention. I could never do what I wanted to do and was a slave to her needs. I broke up with her and started dating another girl does EVERYTHING for me and we love each other remendously. My ex-girlfriend has tried to contact me several times to get me back, but me and my new girlfriend just laugh about it and ignore her. So now, I can be who I really am and not live life as a slave for someone elses needs.

Song Description

This guy's girlfriend was full of drama. She cried all the time and told lies all the time just to have something going on. The guy was not too happy with this lifestyle because it just didn't seem to be "him." He leaves her and starts dating a new girl that is perfect for him. A girl that lets him be himself. His new girlfriend is jealous to see how happy he's doing, so she tries to butt back in but fails miserably at her attempt. So, the guy and his new girlfriend go on their merry way allowing him to live a life in way that he can be himself.

Song Length 2:56 Genre Rock - Punk, Pop - Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


My life is interesting, filled up with many things
Let?s start with a messed up girl, she drug me into her messed up world
She lied, she cried, drama was the key, to her life so now
I?m free, to be, myself today

My life, it seems to be better
Now I can finally be who I am
I think I?ll stay here forever
Now I can be ? myself (yeah ? be myself)

Later on I met someone; this girl was the perfect one
We heard a lot from my ex-girlfriend, she tried to mess up what we had
She tried, (she was) denied, getting rid of her is what we did so now
I?m free, to be, with my new girl today

(Yeah ? be myself)
(Yeah ? be myself)

So now, today, my life is more than just okay
It?s nice, to say, I?m happy to ? be me

(Yeah ? be myself)

Lyrics Mark McKittrick Music Mark McKittrick
Producer Mark McKittrick Performance Mark McKittrick

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