Loren Bieg is a keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist, writer, who is published by Mercy/Vineyard publishing and has contributed 7 songs to Gracegrown music's two CDs. He recorded his own EP called Broken in 2003. Loren won first place in the 2004 Dallas Songwriters Association Songwriting Contest in the Christian category with his song "Lord Most High". He was a runner up in the 2005 contest with "All I Want To Do Is Worship You". His song "God of Love" has been licensed three times (most recently in 2011) for indie worship projects.

Recently, he has begun experimenting with neoclassical piano composition. His piano pieces Wine Glasses, Tea In Our Starbucks Cups, and Floating Art have made various Top Ten lists on Broadjam. Some of his influences are RED, E.S. Posthumus, Jan Kaczmarek, Hans Zimmer, Dead Letter Circus, Keith Jarrett, Evanescence, and Issues, among others.

Latest News

*Wine Glasses - Top 10: Age 51 and over: Last 180 days on Feb 27th
- Top 10: Age 25-36 : Last 180 days on Feb 26th
- Top 10: Age 37-50 : 30-60 days ago on Feb 24th
* Tea In Our Starbucks Cups - Male Top 10 March 3rd
* Floating Art - Top 10: Age 25-36 : 0-30 days ago on Feb 22nd
- Top Ten: Age 37-50 : 0-30 days List on Feb 20th
* Tea In Our Starbucks Cups - Top 10 : Age 25-36: 0-30 Days Ago List Feb 18th
- Male Top 10 list Feb 19th

Thank you so much, Broadjam Community!
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Matia Dathen
over 30 days ago to Loren Bieg

Hi Loren! Where can I get a copy of Floating Art? Could you post the "Buy" button on it so I can get it?



Anita Andreis
over 30 days ago to Loren Bieg

Thank you for your beautiful review! You really do listen! I appreciate it! A.

1 Replies
Loren Bieg
over 30 days ago

You're most welcome! Your music moves me. It's always a pleasure to have one of your pieces come up in the review queue.

Hi Loren, thanks for the great review of
"You Looked Into My EYes". Did you get the vocal version or piano? Your comments were very generous. ALl the best, Felice Kaye-Cooper

2 Replies
Loren Bieg
over 30 days ago

It was the piano version. Best to you too!

If you have a chance check out the vocal with Phoebe Blume. She did a great interpretation. Thanks again, Felice

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