Electric Life Orchestra is simply a play on the reality of your life, my life, and everyone's life for the Divine Electricity of Life Itself flows through our being with every breath we take. What separates the living from the dead is this subtle electricity which powers the heartbeat, enlivens the cellular structure and causes the breath of life to flow in and out with such regularity that we take it for granted. To be rich we must have something of value and plenty of it, and we have this breath and plenty of it! With it we can write, sing, perform actions, fall in Love, return the Love we receive with even more Love and this is what we have always wanted, always. There is such kindness in this breath, so much feeling, so much soulfulness and this is what the Heart wants 24/7/365 and beyond! To Live, to Love, to Exist and to sing about it is the very best thing I can think to do while I am here in this Human Body! And So It Is! Stephen Weeks Electric Life Orchestra May 30, 2013

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Still recovering from Sandy here at the Jersey Shore; still rocking and rolling with the waves of time, space and mankind!We continue to write and record and experience Life moment to moment, day to day as a pristine experience of Love, Kindness, Joy, Fulfillment, Creativity, Physical & Mental inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, and peace. Love is King, Kindness is Queen! The strength of our friendships continues to grow, as we give thanks for the opportunity to share this gift!


In 1997, Buster Newman, who was my Friend, Personal Manager, & Performance Coach left his mortal body for greener pastures, much to the dismay of his wife Beverly Demaggio Newman, myself, and many others! Buster was a sensitive, caring, loving, and creative soul, who put people & self-expression, ahead of financial profit & greed! He was a gem, amongst agates, and a Master amongst lesser men, who call themselves, Teachers & Coaches! Murray McKay introduced me to Buster Newman! I miss Buster everyday! :-)

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Hi Stephen,

I followed Jeff, here to your site, as his PL's and accolades for others, never disappoint; and case in point, your fine song, "Tara I'm A Fool". What a lovely song about the beloved, as well as your beautiful vocals!

All the best to you and your music!

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over 30 days ago

Thanks Cyndi good to hear from you - I hear your songs and I feel our sympathetic similarities - very soothing & emotional - keep up the great work

Cyndi Corkran
over 30 days ago

Thanks Stephen, and for your connection; I look forward to discovering more of you fine work!

Discovering songs like "Tara I'm a Fool" is what makes this site so great!

Working on new material all the time; posting as I go along! Everything is way cool with me and my soul music! Have Fun! Stephen Weeks E-LO!

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