The music of Arden Snow is a pleasing blend of haunting, memorable melodies with stories that have an honest simplicity that travel everywhere from calm to emotional

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The Stars Are Aligning

So I completely scrapped what I was going to do in favor of this and the final song list is done. I am super excited about this and think this has the potential to be something truly special. Still need to add vocals to 1 more song (No Name Fred)

0 - Prelude 
1 - the crowd
2 - it’s just right 
3 - reap what you sow
4 - simple man 
5 - cure 
6 - broken bones 
7 - rise or fall 
8 - forced to run 
9 - no name fred
10 - calypso 

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David ADAM
11 hours ago to Arden Snow

Hey Arden,
Thanks for the nice reviews, this is useful and much appreciated

5 days ago to Arden Snow

Hey Ardin thanks so much for the review of "No Blue Song" and the stars. Yes its one of those songs where I just don't know what genera it belongs. haha I have a new project that I'm very excited about "Gothic Blue" and again I have no idea where it belongs... Thanks again my friend. Scott

Hi Arden,
Thanks so much for taking the time to review my song "Classical Cruise". I appreciate the score and the positive comments.

I'll check out some of your music soon... thanks again.

Be and stay well,

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Arden Snow
7 days ago

Hi Frank,

Of course! Happy to help and i appreciate you saying you will check out my music. My personal favorites are Prelude, Broken Bones, Cure & Calypso.

Checked out a coupled of your faves... very cool stuff. Both are very well done, textural soundtrack type pieces... I see Bones as a soundtrack piece myself. The style on these two takes me back to my days of listening/exploring Fripp & Eno and other experimental/progressive (at that time) music. Cool stuff indeed!


Arden Snow
7 days ago

Hi Frank. Thank you so much for the awesome words. Arden

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