Prior to my retirement, I was a Lutheran pastor who served as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of my denomination. I also served as Executive Director and member of the board of directors of Simon Greenleaf School of Law.

When I retired, I decided to pursue a lifelong dream of writing and producing music. I founded Rainier Artists (Washington State) and since have written a number of songs in various genres. I find that writing music is a source of relaxation and a productive way to invest my time.


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I have an artist that would like to do this song on her Album

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That sounds wonderful. Can you tell me more about your artist and the album? Thanks, Robert. Bill

over 30 days ago

She is a female country artist that was the Lead singer for a band that played a lot of Covers and just wanted to stay there, so she is venturing out on her own. we are currently putting together a group of songs for her to record for her first Album. She currently performs using tracks, and has been doing well with that we hope to add a band in the near future.

over 30 days ago

Was wondering if you have given any thought to allowing My artist to do your song

I would be honored to have her do it.

over 30 days ago

can you send me an email to so i can send you a usage agreement.

Hi Rainier! Thanks so much for the review of "Spinnin"! Just believe in Love sounds nice,kinda 60ish! Rock On! Catnip

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Ricky John Brown
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the honest review of "Small Town Bar and Grill".

Thanks for the kind review of "Tell Me Once More"
So glad you enjoyed it....... kenney

Thanks for your review on my song "Who's gonna turn on a light" - best wishes and may God bless!

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