THE WISH are Australian songwriting duo, Bill Kio (Left) and Peter Freebairn. The WISH are a Great Australian HOT AC Rock outfit, mixed with infectiously striking pop melodies.

THE WISH experienced instant radio success with the release of their first two singles Love Is Alive and Gotta Let You Know, both being in the ‘The Top 20 Most Added Tracks to Radio’, shortly after their release to media. Their third "Don't Change" is currently receiving a similar response. Their music has been likened to 'Matchbox 20, filled with solid rock riffs, catchy choruses and emotive vocals, all rolled into an up-tempo multi format genre. Ballads and Power Ballads are also a specialty.

Kio and Freebairn have been songwriting partners since 1990, and have since performed together in various musical capacities. Together, they have penned over 150 songs.

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Bill Kio

Bill's first taste of the entertainment business came at an early age, playing drums in the highly acclaimed Debney Park High School Band in Melbourne. The School band toured the country, represented Australia internationally and recorded a Single with TV icon Bert Newton (resulting in a #11 chart hit in Melbourne). As a kid he appeared in the Australian Film 'Street Hero' (featuring Vince Colosimo & Singrid Thorton) and performed on many national TV programs, including a feature segment on 60 Minutes. While performing with the school band, Bill's prowess as a musician was noticed by legendary Melbourne cult outfit PRAHRAN AXE and was quickly invited to join as their drummer. Thereafter, Bill played with many local outfits and continued to play Melbourne’s bustling pub scene.
Bill is also a multi instrumentalist & accomplished songwriter, having penned well over 150 songs, many of which have been used in Australian and international television programs. In addition to this, Bill is a highly experienced recording and mixing engineer, having recorded over 30 local bands. In addition to this, Kio has recorded, produced and mixed tracks from their forthcoming, self-titled album.

Peter Freebairn

Vocalist/Guitarist Peter Freebairn’s first gig was a guitarist in a band with local & international celebrity Andrew Williams (Melrose Place). NEO CLASSIQUE played Sydney’s live circuit for a few years, building up a reputable following and went on to release an independent EP.
Freebairn was heavily pursuing his songwriting career at this time and made several demo recordings, all of which were sent to record companies and publishers with encouraging feedback. However, the one sign of real encouragement came from respected Australian singer/songwriters Russell Morris, who had high praise towards Freebairn’s songwriting abilities and tunes. Armed with enthusiasm, Freebairn continued to produce high quality songs. As in so many cases, the local music scene lead to the crossing of paths between Kio & Freebairn, which they quickly identified an instant spark in a songwriting partnership and thus, THE WISH was formed.


“The WISH have all the hallmarks of timeless broad appeal pop music; Fine production, great songs. This is first class quality pop with definite local and international appeal” - Peter Karpin Managing Director BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA

“At Last! A HOT AC Act that is Australian and right up there with Matchbox 20 and Maroon 5” Kevin Mulcahy – Program Director MIX 102.3

“A shining example of pop/rock bliss and true songwriting talent” – The Music Network

“Don’t Change” is another fine example of THE WISH’s strong melodic pop aesthetic. I can see American radio going for this, these guys could enjoy the same global success as SAVAGE GARDEN”
Christie Eliezer - Billboard Magazine

“THE WISH have achieved an outstanding quality with the recording and I have no doubt that they will be a major success in 2006” - Paul Cashmere - Executive Producer Undercover Media

“What immediately strikes me about THE WISH is the classiness of the music, which transcends fashion. Audiences have always enjoyed songs and performances like this. It’s what audiences have found in groups like CROWDED HOUSE or COLDPLAY, songwriting with an ear for melody and emotion. There’s A lot to enjoy here” - Ed Nimmervoll - Editor Music Australia Guide


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