I'm a long slow ride in an elevator. Come check out my videos and music on www.myspace.com/mvolom as well.


Born on January 21, 1979 GMV was destined for music. Influenced by artists such as Edwin McCain, LifeHouse, and John Mayer, GMV has put a spin on his own style of music. GMV has been involved with music for the better part of ten years, having an involvement with Artist/Producer Danny Giorgi from the ?River Oaks? band out of Chicago, Illinois; he has put out an album that transcends all styles of Alternative music. With a different attitude on what love should really be, there is a melancholy tempo with which he forms a connection between the listener and the music, taking them to a point in their life in which they can relate and honestly say, "I've been done that road."


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Clean Clean

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