Known as a Latin/jazz/dance artist with an enigmatic side, Sunday Mitsuru's songs has exploded on radio and put this Latin / dance artist on the world map.
There is something special happening with Sunday Mitsuru , the talented Latin/jazz/dance artist out of Los Angeles.
A firm believer in the time-honored traditional of composition and careful attention to detail, Sunday Mitsuru's works demonstrates how personal and affecting music can be when the right elements come together.
This legitimacy is discernible from other angles. He has a deep understanding of the techniques and traditions of the Latin / dance genre which is perhaps why the critics had this to say about his award-winning work:
'A festive Latin extravaganza of slick electronic licks and ethereal harmonies, his works is catchy and danceable in equal measure.'"

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I'm working on my new songs as Sunday Mitsuru solo project beside my pop project Mellowtique for now.
Back to Jazzy Mellow groovy instrumental from stylish pop vocal track, I'm enjoying stay my home studio.
Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay creative !!
Press on with a smile !!
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I heard from the provider today.

1 Replies
Sunday Mitsuru
over 30 days ago

I've got e-mail from the provider and sent necessary info to him.

Sunday, have you heard from anyone yet about our selected songs?

2 Replies
Sunday Mitsuru
over 30 days ago

Hi Cody, No, no contact since then.

ok. I will let you know should I hear from him/her. I get this is the business of show. ;-)

great song, great track!

2 Replies
Sunday Mitsuru
over 30 days ago

Thank you Cody !!

just speaking the truth Sunday.

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Clean Clean

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