Funky, Funky, and More Funky

Unsigned Snipets

Underground producer still Still Hungry Eatin Off the Ground and still funkin. Jus throwin dis 16 bars & W.A.T.T.S. (We Are Taught To Survive) out hear. Wanna see if u cats r ther is feelin dis. Hit ur boy back.

Urs truely

Stone Tone, Still Hungry Eatin Off the Ground


all fosho! get chance. check out my video on yutube thanks for your support one!

all fosho! if you get a chance check out my video on yutube.type stonetoneMR100 THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ONE!

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over 30 days ago

Keep doing your thing!!

Bishop Wayne
over 30 days ago to Stone Tone Production

Thank for your kind words and please keep listening. I'm making new music and I will keep growing. Thanks once again.

Bishop Wayne

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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