AKA Harvey Pekar : The Anti-Hero.
Sneaky Pete's music bridges the gap between black and white, rich and poor, chasing dreams and taking responsibility.
A legitimate hip hop emcee with huge cross over potential.


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Sneaky Pete Bio

Sneaky Pete is a lot of things to a lot of people. But mostly, the Brooklyn-based wordsmith is an emcee on the rise in the world of hip-hop. Never one to compromise, Sneaky Pete takes hip-hop to the next plateau both lyrically and musically. Sneaky Pete has garnered a reputation for crafting his rhymes to cross all racial, social and cultural barriers. A testament to his microphone skills is the acclaim Sneaky Pete has received from audiences after giving blown-out performances at such venues as the Knitting Factory, Club Speed and Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Sneaky Pete was also selected to perform at such esteemed music festivals as NXNE in Toronto, the South Park Music Festival in Colorado, the Dewey Beach Music Conference in Delaware and Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans-- where he and his crew, the 00Agents, opened up for the legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest and Talib Kweli. In the last quarter of 2006, Sneaky Pete released "U Don't Know" (produced by K-Salaam) the first single off his upcoming solo project, which rose to #18 on the college hip-hop charts, was selected as an editor's pick on download.com and was included on a myriad of mixtapes and compilations throughout the world.

“My life is one of constant displacement and seeking,” Sneaky Pete says. “Trying to find my place, find my home, never being satisfied.” Indeed, Pete’s life has taken many dramatic turns. A cancer survivor by age four, Pete overcame the odds of human survival and became class president in the eighth grade. Always a focused student, Pete was respected, but not considered “cool” because he steered clear of the teenage drug and party scene. After transferring to private school, Pete hung with two different groups of friends, never really feeling that he belonged to either. After high school, Pete left Rhode Island's suburbs to attend the most prestigious Christian College in the nation, found weed, and subsequently dropped out. Hip-hop was calling. Pete moved to California with the 00Agents to take part in the Bay Area hip-hop scene. There the three friends created and unveiled a dynamic, high energy, comedy ridden, live hip-hop show like the world had never seen. "My experience with the 00Agents has been invaluable," Sneaky Pete continues. "We pushed, pulled and propelled each other creatively for ten years. We were each other's sounding board and accountability as we each developed our own unique style. Everyone should come up with a crew."

At age 24, Pete, now an atheist, moved back east to Brooklyn with the 00Agents to embrace the mecca of hip-hop culture. Despite their success, including a 12" single entitled "Warning Shot" which reached the #2 position on the college charts in the summer of 2003, the 00Agents never got the record deal they were striving for. In 2005 Pete decided it was time to make a change once again. Together with his friend and long time collaborator, McKenzie Rose, the two contructed an 8 piece band Violent Sex. "We were both tired of spitting verses over stagnant instrumental tracks," Sneaky Pete explains. "The concept for the band was taking a rock esthetic and applying it to hip-hop." Edgy and irreverent, Violent Sex shocked and entertained unsuspecting hip-hop audiences with elements of punk, skateboard and reggae culture flawlessly thrown into the mix. "Performing with a live band has been, without a doubt, the biggest challenge and the most rewarding experience of my music career," Sneaky Pete exclaims. "But after a year of collaborating and essentially managing this motley crew, I feel it's time for me to captain my own ship and assume complete creative control of my music."

2007. Sneaky Pete continues to prove his commitment to change the world through music. His trust fund long gone, Pete marches on… too wise to be a thug, too wild to be in a suit and tie, too innovative to be called a rapper. Where exactly does Sneaky Pete fit in? Time will tell.

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