Born in January, 1977, Canadian musician, Robbie Tucker, pushes the envelope of main stream music.

"As a child, my dad and I would always jam on old Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Steve Earle songs. Into my teen years, I grew into Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison & Paul McCartney. I've always had an interest in how vocal range and power it can add to a song (i.e. Crying; Roy Orbison, Hurt; 70's Elvis). I've always had a fascination with the structure of Roy Orbison tunes and that continues to inspire me when I'm writing. "

In 2003, Robbie released his first album, The Ledden Street Sessions; following it up with 2006's 24 track album, Songs From Apt#12, and 2007's, GreenRoom.

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Growing up in the small village of White Rapids, Blackville NB everything that I needed was within arms reach. My grandmother lived just steps away as was the river if in the monstrous heat of the summer I ever wanted to go for a swim. Oh yeah and there was always a couple of guitars kicking around.
At the age of 35, my mother was taken away from us after a year or so of suffering from Cancer. This was a tough time for all and life changed dramatically because of it. There were a few rough spots here and there but we all managed to pull through. In this period of my life I shut myself away from everyone, and would spend most of my free time in my room singing. My tastes for music did not really match those of my schoolmates, but then again my tastes have never really match anything so it didn’t much surprised me. Roy Orbison and Elvis frequented my stereo each day.
In April of 2003, I released my very first album, The Ledden Street Sessions, a compilation of songs written up to that point. After its release I was given an opportunity to do theatre for that summer and met many interesting people as well as played a lot of music. I bounced around for a bit after that but eventually found myself in Halifax in the summer of 2004 doing a summer tour. This was particularly fun for me as it was the first time I had done a show consisting 100% of my songs. After a few shows had gone by I was noticing my body was not co-operating with my mind. Something was wrong. I had to switch off piano back to guitar because I was not functioning properly. In order to make it sound like I could play I had to stay on acoustic guitar and rely on the other to fill my gap. I had half dozen visits to the doctor that didn’t give me any answers so I finished the tour and afterwards I headed to Montreal.
Over the next year I would get progressively worse and life began to change dramatically. I played open mics here and there in the fall of 2004 and realized that this problem was not going away. I was having difficulty walking up small inclines without feeling as if I would fall forward. I no long swung my arms when I walked, had a very hard time getting things in and out of my pockets, buttoning shirts, tying my shoe and on and on and on…
Since I couldn’t seem to get any answers from any doctors no matter how many times I went (3 times a week) I decided maybe the problem was in my head and started to put together another tour and thought maybe that’d take my mind off things. I joined a gym, started exercising rigorously and though my body looked and felt stronger the problems were getting worse. To my overwhelming disappointment, I had to cancel the summer tour. So, pissed off as I was, I was determined not to let this stop me from making music so I started recording a new album (Songs from Apt#12).
I spent the next 8 months recording. If I had not had my music to get me through this time, I do not know how well I would have done.
Since I was so young they wanted to rule out everything before they tried the medication used to treat Parkinsons. When the doctor wrote out a prescription for Prolopa and told me what it was for I was a little upset. But I felt like at least I was on my way to somewhere now. After trying the drug, I felt as though my problems had been eliminated. I felt like my old self again. I eventually wrote a song called PD Groove dissing Parkinson’s disease, which also appears on (Songs from Apt#12).
I don’t know how long I am here for, and I don’t want to know. However, as long as I am here I am going to make music. I am going to make music and nothing is going to stop me. Sometimes something might get in my way, but nothing will ever stop me


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