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Hey Steve- Hope you are well...Looks to me like you moved? We should chat sometime and catch up my friend..
All the best,

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Steven Arkley
4 weeks ago

Great hear from you Ed!
I'm on the road right now, but I'll get back to you in a few hours...


Sounds great

Steven Arkley
4 weeks ago

Hey Ed...
Sorry but I ran pout of time yesterday. I'm in Santa Rosa, CA. confirming final details for my move here later this year.
I had been taking care of my mom for the last 13 years, but she died last August so I moved from Santa Cruz area to Vegas to get my life back and just paly golf all the time... when I wasn't writing lyrics!!!

Vegas is not my ideal place to live! Golf is great but that's not enough to keep me there.

A friend of mine that I've known since high school has 2 acres in Santa Rosa and made me an amazing offer to move here, design and build her a 22' diameter gazebo and 44'x60' barn with a 1200 SF living unit inside the barn... She has an endless list of remodel projects too and she wants me to help her with all those too... Bottom line, I've agreed to all her conditions and they property is amazing so I'll be moving here before December of this year...

It's gonna be great for this old cowboy!!!

I'm still writing and I'm about ready to send Michael 3 more songs to produce for me!!!

I was also contacted by a woman whose been in the biz for over 40 years I believe and she loves my lyrics and especially my song For One Love... She wants permission to pitch my stuff and shes got a team for that and a team to write and record anything I may want to do... She's stuck with the strike going on, but as soon as that's over, we'll get at it... Her name is Vicki Johnson at quite the resume!!!

All in all I'm doing OK and feeling better all the time... Once I get out of Vegas, I'll really get inspired to get back to work and writing again in a really positive environment...

Hope you're doing great and I know you're still writing great music cause I try and listen every time you post a new song!!!

Thanks again for reaching out... Always a joy to hear from you...


So sorry to of your mom's passing... But so glad everything else is going well for you..
I really like the song you have on Country/Americana top 10 chart, something about Mama's Way.. Great demo also!

Nice to hear of the lady taking an interest in your songs also!

So, your going to be back in California? Great!
We'll have to stay at bit more in touch my friend...
All the best to you my friend..

Steven Arkley
4 weeks ago

Where exactly do you live?
Even though I've got a ton of stuff going on, I'm also thinking of traveling a bit and I'd love to meet you at some point!!
I definitely want to get to Nashville to visit Michael and maybe sit in on a recording session for one of my songs...

Thanks for the sweet words about My Mama's Way!!

Hey Steve
I live with n Buffalo NY...A long way from California!
Hey, who is Mike in Nashville you are talking about?
You've got me curious now...

Talk to you soon...

Steven Arkley
4 weeks ago

Michael Salacuse...
He has recorded all of my songs for me...
I come up with lyrics, rough demos and melodies then he hires singers, writes the music if necessary and records the songs...
Andrea Standley introduced me to Michael 10 years ago...

Steven Arkley
over 30 days ago to Steven Arkley

Hey gang... Please check out my latest... Bottle in a Message...

Steven Arkley
over 30 days ago to Steven Arkley

New version of Mouse... A few melody changes... A few new words... Hope you all love it!!

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