Leave My Heart At Home / Country

Song Length 3:05 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Standards

Enjoyed this a lot......it could play right along side all of todays hits..

I like the beat.

song is certainly original and upbeat.

The instrumentation on the song was good quality. As it was just an instrumental, it is somewhat to give a full review without hearing the lyrics. It has a good feel too it .

The guitar riff was good, maybe consider giving it a little more variation. Repeating a good riff like you have too many times can be a little overwhelming to the listener. The drums where good as well, however I did feel the drums and guitar were competing with each other in the overall sound spectrum. I think this track could work well in a film and TV environment. Cable TV shows are always looking for these types of tracks. Nice work! Keep at it.

It has a nice feeling to it, a nice mix of sounds. Very nice melody.

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