Publisher ( and hit songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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My Country Collection:

Sports/Hip-Hop ("Capture the Momentum"):

Tribute From a Country Perspective to Michael Jackson:

Latest News

1. "Small Stuff" is featured in the Twentieth Century Fox major motion picture "The Longest Ride" starring Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood, Alan Alda.
2. "Latest Version of Me" was used in the tv show "Nashville".
3. "Where Did the Time Go?" was used in the back country documentary on snowmobiling. (begins at 42 minute mark);
4. "Tired", was aired on the season premiere of "The Mentalist" Sunday night September 29th, 2013.


1. The Portugese video game maker Biodroid ( licensed the sports hip-hop tune "Capture the Momentum" . This game features the international superstar soccer player Cristiano Rinaldo.
2. Mark Bender who has been voted "Best Country Singer" in Germany for 3 consecutive years now will be recording my two songs: "Small Stuff" and "Vitamin U"
3. Licensed numerous songs to the international production music firm Proud Music:
4. Licensed several songs to the Canadian music production company "Sound Ideas" for a Country Collection:

5. Voted best Michael Jackson tribute song from the King of Pop's number one fan club in the world:
The song is from a country perspective. Michael's mother Katherine used to sing country music to him as a child.
You can hear a sample at:
6. Sports hip-hop song "Capture the Momentum" was licensed to Fox Sports and MTV;
7. Three songs were licensed for use to the musical greeting card company:
The three songs were: "Heart Condition", "When Children Laugh", and "Vitamin U";
8. Song "Everyone Loves an Event" was licensed for use in a European cycling video;
9. My song "Let it Go (Grandma's Balloon)" was picked up by Walker Musical Entertainment. The singer is Katrina Lynn.;

Dan Robinson, Publisher, Songwriter (BMI)
Upbeat Song Works
81204 Lost Valley Drive
Mars, PA 16046
Cell: (724) 612-1615 (cell)

Song Highlights

Here's a brief synopsis of where Dan is today and where he has been:


Actively writing and co-writing songs. Many song ideas, concepts, and titles have been logged along the way. Through virtual educational communities such as Songu (, personal study and research, and many hours in co-writing sessions, Dan has been honing his craft. Additionally, many business skills have had to be developed along the way to add the title "Publisher" after his name.


Coordinator and Event Director for the Pittsburgh area Songwriting Workshop. This group is affiliated with the Nashville Songwriters Association. The official name is Nashville Songwriters Association International (

Song Highlights:

"I'll Tell God You Said Hi" (co-written with John Wesley Coutts) was picked up by America's New Artist Mike Kidd. Mike's myspace is: This song has also recently been forwarded as a Taxi "hot" pitch and gone to #1 at

"Let it Go (Grandma's Balloon)" was picked up by Walker Musical Entertainment. The singer is Katrina Lynn. Her myspace page is:

"Another Hug", cowritten with fellow songu member Benn Cutarelli finished runner-up in the International Songwriting Contest called "Songdoor" (

Songwriter Education Classes Completed:

The Professional Songwriters Code of Conduct
Pitching Your Songs For Film and TV
Song Feedback and Mentoring
Pop, Hot AC, Singer-Songwriter Feedback and Mentoring
Song Feedback and Mentoring (International Members)
Advanced Writers Group: Feedback and Mentoring
The Master Lyric Writers Group
The Master Lyric Writers Group
The Artist's Way
Marketing Yourself and Your Songs
Power Rhymes
Creating Lyrical Contrast
Lyrical Devices I
Lyrical Devices II
Thinking As A Songwriter
Successful Lyric Writing I
Creative Guitar For Songwriting
Getting Into The Groove
Prosody: Writing Music To Lyrics
Commercial Song Forms
Six Elements Of A Complete Song
Whats In A Name: The Central Importance Of The Song Title
12 Steps to Building Better Songs
Writing For The Christian Market
Re-writing For Impact

Seminars/Symposiums/Music Events Attended:

ASCAP - New York Sessions
Jason Blume Events (How to Write a Hit Song, Writing Effective Lyrics, Composing Memorable Melodies, Using Successful Structures, Writing From Your Heart and For the Radio, I've Got a Great Song: Now What?, Finding a Publisher - Pitching Your Songs, Demos - Strategies for Success - Questions & Answers

Song Symposium - Nashville Songwriters Association International--, (2003-2007)

Song Camp -- Nashville Songwriters Association International--, 2004

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