christmas is a treasure

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to write a song to remember the joy of Christmas. the general description of Christmas is one most people can relate too. the memories of Christmas should be a joyful memory all year round.

Song Description

the memories of Christmas should be the happiest memories of the year. the lyrics try to capture moments of joy. the treasure of Christmas is the joy of memories. every lyric describes a moment of happiness with Christmas.

Song Length 2:30 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Content Subject Joy, Holidays
Era 2000 and later


Christmas is a treasure not of the world but one in the heart. cherish each memory in the moment we're apart. a treasure not made of silver or gold. Christmas is a treasure of memories that never grow old. a jolly ho ho ho and a kiss under the mistletoe. giddyup giddyup giddyup and a jingling as we sleigh ride through the snow. snowflakes fallen walking though the winter wonderland lets the season of joy feel so grand. ding dong ding dong ding dong Christmas bells are a ringing. carolers are walking through snow a singing. it fills the air let it snow let it snow let it snow. as we're walking through the winter wonderland jack frost nipping at our nose. Santa is on the rooftop climbing down the chimney with a toy for every girl and boy. Christmas fills the air as Santa's reindeer fly pass the milky way in the sky. Christmas is a treasure of all the joyful memories of the year. marshmallow roasting, chestnuts toasting over the fireplace, yuletide caroling, and mistletoeing. it's cold out here as we go walking hand and hand through the winter wonderland. soon it will be Christmas day. Santa is coming to town with Rudolph leading the sleigh. it's Santa's big day bringing every child a toy so they can laugh and play. it's Christmas day.

Very nice feel... sets the appropriate mood connected to the theme of Christmas... good energy, good vocal talent. The concept is clear, of Christmas as a larger overall treasure that transcends the individual holidays, greater than the sum of all its parts (presents, etc).. this could have a spot in a movie or tv in the holiday theme

Sounds like Mrs. Kate!!! Fabulous!!

Very nice modern sound overall

Nice Christmas song. Well sung to a solid lyrics. Good instrumentation and well arranged. Well done

The beautiful inspiring arrangement, excellent vocal part, high-quality production!

Instrumentation is very holiday-like. The singer has a pleasant voice.

This song would be well suited on a local advertising level. There is some pop inspired catchiness in the repetitive use of bells, and lyrics which would serve well within the context of a commercial. I mean this in the most sincere manner. I can hear this song being played during my 10:00 news broadcast.

good tones right off the bat. good usage of kinda a no brainer for xmas tunes. i like the pop spin on an otherwise "beaten to death" genre :) nice and loose feel. good guitar tone. i like the shuffle turn around for the chorus. well done. good vox harmonies. nice panning not messy at all. keep at it!

Nice spirited Christmas with a great vocal and instrumental backing. Nice message.

I loved your instrumentation, very creative lyrics. I liked the harmonies too. You bring back so many memories with this song! You remind me of Amy Grant. I could see her singing this.

Nice to hear a different kind of Christmas song. Nice pop feel to the song. Lyrics are very Christmas themed, which is what the point was. Nice song on the ears. Vocals fit well with the theme and style of the song.

This song is an original song that sounds new to me and that in itself is a plus for me. The vocals of the song stand outside the mix a little bit and one part of the sub hook blended in more than the rest of the song. Excellent work!

What a cute Christmas song! A lot of vocal movement performed spot on

good pop song with a good melody. Voice suitable for this typoe of music. instrumentation effective.

Excellent Holiday song. I've seen several opportunities requesting exactly this. Should have no trouble being selected.

The melody at times were had to follow
But the words were nice.

It's a giddy little melody and song. A typical christmas song i might expect to hear over the speakers in a mall around christmas time.

Very holiday feel to this, without being cliche. The production is not fancy or flashy, but serves the song. I like the lyrics, they bounce around from the feel of the day and the weather to Santa and team. Captures the essence of that jolly time, but doesn't get into the religious aspect, which keeps it very marketable. I could hear this in a holiday movie, over a bustling montage of Christmas preparations.

It's a Christams song. One of the merry ones. I feel so happy listening to it. Oh so happy.

Great intro, sounds very commercial the first few bars. It's a fun, light-hearted piece so Christmas is the time for it.

Very catchy tune, well produced and balanced.

A good idea and concept for a new christmas song which is really difficult to do.The musicality was nice and quality of voice and instrumentation /melody was great.

very energetic song keeps you wanting more fun to listen too. Harmonies well placed...

A very nice song, lovely melody and vocals and the lyrics .. great!!
Although Christmas have passed, I enjoyed it from the beginning till the end!

Great intro. Very well produced. I liked the way the vocal line switches between the medium paced to the quicker giddy up and ding dong ideas. A very strong lead vocal and excellent use of backing vocals. I like the energy of the song and the way so much is packed in to 2.30 minutes. Excellent sound quality.

This could work well for a holiday jingle.

Instruments well played

I really enjoyed this fun, upbeat Christmas tune. Great overall cue length. This a vocal driven holiday piece that has great marketable potential. Nice instrumentation. I specially like the clean electric guitar that carries throughout, while being accompanied by the acoustic guitar. Great work!

Good song, a very jolly and up beat tune. Great length of a song not to long to bore but enough to keep you intrested.

There is always a place for a good Christmas Song. This tune is well produced and bright, cheerful. I'd submit it to all the Holiday Song Contests you could find. The vocal is on pitch and has a nice 1 octave range in this performance. The beat sounds even a little like the repetition of clopping of hooves from the reindeer or a horse pulling a sleigh. Hard to beat White Christmas but you've got a nice Christmas Song here.

Good mix, good diction, and I appreciate the structure of the music. keep up the good work.

A measure of any song in my mind is, can you play it on an acoustic guitar, or piano and it still works, then you already have the strong basis for a song, and I believe with this song it would still work. The vocals are strong and clear and in a good place in the mix, it has been well engineered and has all the required effects to emphasize the spirit of the song.

This definitely is Holiday Music, sounds like it could be used in Commercials, TV & Film. Has a great happy uplifting holiday sound and the vocalist nails the feel and sound needed for this genre of music!! You truly succeeded in what you set out to accomplish, GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!
Just need some Christmas Cookies and Milk to complete this tune!!

i love the production overall.Love the lead vocal. Sometimes I felt the lead had to keep up with track. Sometimes it felt competitive with track and vocal. I wasn't really sure of the hook though i did like the melody there.I'd like to hear the vocal in another style. Good job

There was a good attempt to get this song right. I say that because Christmas songs are not easy to write and get right. All the bells and whistles you would normally expect to hear were represented hear. Nice job trying to make the song sound seasonal and festive..

A rapid narrative of Christmas time...perfectly sung by the vocalist who never seems to get out of breath even with though there are no openings to gasp for air. Vocal is especially perky and joyful and fits this tune little number. Really laid it all out there...anyone can relate...nice little imagery throughout...

Ho HO Ho!!! I hate the Frikin' Christmas season,, But I would still get a chuckle if I had to listen to this song... Hum bug... well done.. And a golly ho ho ho to you tooooooo!!!xxx

always like the holiday spirit thingy

I like the lead vocals and the backing vocals - Very good keyboard work as well.

I can here this on tv for a commercial!

This had a fun little groove to it, i liked the use of the bells mixed with your voice. It was a fast paced fun Christmas song.You had alot of lyrics in there, nice job of fitting it all in there.

maybe too wordy not sure

good rhythm, catchy tune ,familiar references

Great Quality recording, Nice keyboard parts.. Pleasant voice and love the harmonies. Very professional sounding. Reminds me of Amy Grant(shows you how old I am)

Completely reminds me of Christmas . I like the mix of all of the traditional Christmas song . Makes me want to be a kid again , complete with the excitement of what Christmas is about. Harmonies were great and I love how the instrumentation adds to the feel Nice job

new twist on Xmas song, nice

With crystal-clear vocals and a cheerful excitement, the vocalist delivers a sparkling rendition of this holiday song. The effective introduction sets things up nicely, and the songwriter's word pictures keep the Christmas images coming through on every verse. Favorite lyric: Milky Way Sky. Very professional production...Nice job!

a bit more work on the vocals

A very upbeat and christmassy song! Well done on the production and melody of the song... it is a great melody!

Listening to this song made me so incredibly happy!! It also inspired me to want to listen to more Christmas music even though we are still only in the hot summer month of August. The way that you incorporated a reference or alluded to a wide array of hooks and overall themes of various well know Christmas songs was awesome! Your lyrics are great and I absolutely plan on adding this song to my holiday playlist this season. Thank you for sharing!

Definitely has that Christmas feel. I can clearly imagine the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas.

This is a great Christmas song for a childrens Christmas program.

This is a good Christmas song. Lyrics were in the spirit of the season and put together in holiday-esque fashion. The vocals themselves remind me of Idina Menzels voice (The movie Frozen - Let It Go).

Lyrics Tim Meyers Music Evan Feist
Performance Devon Perry
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