10. Faith Song

Song Length 3:37 Genre Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Relaxed
Subject Spirituality Language English
Era 2000 and later



Verse 1

God you know my heart
Help me play my part
Sitting here and wondering where to start
Help me write the words
Carry out the act
Remember it's all about you, your kingdom and your calling


One day a no-one
Next day a someone
You had a plan and your anointing came down
Gave me the tune for your song
Gave me the heart for your call
Gave me all I needed to do your will

Verse 2

Lord I thank you for now
And your works in me
Remember the times I questioned when, where and how
So I wrote this song of mine
In response to faith
Let all who hear this lift their voices in praise
In praise

Repeat Chorus

Verse 1

Lord you heard my heart (My God you heard my heart)
Help me play my part (and I played my part)
Sitting here and looking back at the start
Helped me write the words (and I wrote the words)
Carry out the act (I carried out the act)
Oh how I thank you for then, here and now.

Lyrics RODO Music RODO
Producer CALVIN GUDU Performance RODO

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