06. Not about Me

Song Length 3:22 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood In High Spirits
Language English Era 2000 and later



Verse 1

It was once about me how famous I could be
How I could use my looks to take me down in the books
Did'nt matter whatever I did
Struggled with my beliefs
They did'nt quite fit in with
My selfish and narrow views
It took me a while but I finally realize
And I'm not looking back
Quite happy to say that

Chorus one

It's not about me
It's nothing you can see
It's all much bigger than that
I'm just playing my part

Verse 2

It's all above me, it's all beyond me
It's not the colors in my hair or the dresses that I wear
Or about my looks, it's about telling the truth
It's not about my voice
And I've made a final choice

Repeat Chorus one

Verse 3

If you are young and you're out there
Looking to go somewhere
Always have faith in your dreams
Dont loose what you believe
Make sure you go all the way
Beyond all that people say
Reach deep into your heart
But never forget that

Chorus two

Its not about you
Its nothing you can see
Its all much bigger than that
Youre just playing a part

His way to the top is to be humble, be humble
Listen to his wisdom cos the first is the last, the last is the first
You dont have to try to make your own way
He can help you
He is faithful, His word is true
You know that He can lift you

Lyrics RODO Music RODO
Producer CALVIN GUDU Performance RODO

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