05.Bigger than You

Song Length 4:05 Genre Rock - Religious
Mood Relaxed Subject God
Similar Artists Avril Lavigne Language English
Era 2000 and later



Verse 1

10 am Saturday morning
Its the only chance you have to lie in
A knock on your door is just not what you need
So you open the door and its him, again
Hes the same guy from last Saturday
He stands in your doorway with a beaming face,
Holding this large book in his hands
And you know, he is here to remind you
Of something bigger than you

Chorus x2

There is something bigger than you
Kind of freaky what if its true
Cant be explained by your literature books
This is a personal experience thing
If you ask I will tell you what I think
God is definitely the biggest thing

Verse 2

Very politely you express your lack of interest
After all, hes got no right to be here
He hands you a leaflet and he smiles
He turns around and you slam your door
Still, you cannot help thinking
Of something bigger than you

Repeat Chorus

Bridge one
But you remember grandma and grandpa
They wanted you to go to church
They prayed forever for you
It all never made any sense to you
You believe you control your destiny
And all that happens in your life
Theres things that you cannot explain
Theres things that you wish you could change
So, you cannot, help thinking

Repeat Chorus

Bridge Two
Stop living life day in and out
Stop for once and give it a thought
There may be something bigger than you
What if theres something bigger than you
There is something bigger than you

Lyrics RODO Music RODO
Producer CALVIN GUDU Performance RODO

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