09. Money or Fame

Song Length 2:45 Genre Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Content
Subject Religion Language English
Era 2000 and later



Verse 1

They said to me young lady, we like what you do
Sit down let's have a chat, we wanna make an offer to you
But we need you to stop making people so angry with some of the things that you say
And with that I got up and I said


I dont wan't money or fame
I need you to hear me
I got something to say, and it's true
I dont need your help
Don't need you to praise me
Do not live without Jesus
No hope without Jesus

Verse 2

It's like a dream to me but still so real to me
This thing I have to do
Now thinking how hard it is to get you to listen to me
On the streets you ignore me you don't wanna hear me,
To you, I'm kind of weird
So I wrote another song for your ears


Sun or rain
Pain or gain
Black or white
Nothing satisfies
Summer or winter
Roses or thorns
Life without Jesus
Or no Jesus

Chorus x2

Don't live life without Jesus

Lyrics RODO Music RODO
Producer CALVIN GUDU Performance RODO

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