Love Sounds

Story Behind The Song

My attempt on this song is to show 3 different vignettes of various sounds of love, from the cry of a baby , the laugh of a young couple in love, and just the everyday person who comes in contact with others at work, and does her best to brighten their day.

Song Description

My son and daughter in law gave birth to twins , a boy and a girl this past year. The sound of a baby crying can be annoying to some, but can be beautiful if they are your babies!

Song Length 3:11 Genre Country - Religious, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Blissful Subject Encouragement, Life
Similar Artists Garth Brooks, Billy Joel Language English
Era 2000 and later


Love Sounds © 2012 Music & Lyrics by Donovan Tucker

Hear the baby's cry ...late at night
And her mama's sigh she's so tired
Then her daddy says I'll get her honey get get some sleep
Its the sounds of love you hear
But you don't see

There's a dinner date hear the band
A couple celebrates with a dance
As they toast another year They share a laugh in harmony
And he whispers thank you dear for loving me


I know how love sounds
I can hear it all around
I listen for the moments when it sings
That's how love sounds to me

There's a check out clerk making change
And she's hard at work everyday
But she takes the time to smile and say good day to me
In a voice that rings out true and sounds so sweet

Chorus repeat

If we [C] just slow [D] down and [Em} listen
We might find be [F] surprised to find the [C] love we thought was[Am] missing [Am7]
Has[D] been there all the time

Chorus 2

I know how love sounds
I can hear it all around
I listen for the moments when it sings
That's how love sounds to me
Yeah that's how love sounds to me

ã 2013 Don Tucker BMI

Good song. good message.
The arrangement really works. the hook is good.
As the temp is on the slower side, I am wondering if the Chorus could be moved up--get to it sooner. That opening verse with the baby grabs the ear--getting to That's how love sounds quicker "could" further commit the listener. yay for love! My kind of stuff.

I absolutely LOVE this song. It has a great message, tells a real story that EVERYONE can relate too. Starting out with a dad getting up with a kid so his wife can get some sleep, to a sweet anniversary date and a check out clerk. Way to keep it short and to the point and you hit the ball out of the park on the bridge. This is a well-crafted original country song with a universal message and a memorable hook. I hope you do really well with it. This track has tremendous potential! Vocals are clear, flawless, honest and beautiful! I would DEFINITELY like to hear more of your work! Bravo!

Beautiful! Great lyrics and a fine, straightforward, production. A very original approach to a love song.

Nice sounding song. I really liked the feel of the song. Great instrumentation, vocals, production. The song kept you interested in seeing how the story was going to unfold. Lyrically it flowed well. It's the kind of song I could easily listen to several times over and not get tired of. Great job!

really nice ballad..i could hear this in a film or tv series

well performed and sung

This song belongs on contemporary country radio at the top of the charts. Great lyrics! Vivid imagery and well crafted rhyme scheme. Great hook!! Original theme. Lovely melody. Great vocal performance. Beautiful, simple and expertly performed guitar performance. Good song structure. WELL DONE! An easy review to write.

Really great lyrics and flow to the song. Vocalist has a great tone. Keeping it simple with the guitar is very nice. Leaves lots of potential for alternate versions. It's a very nice story - using different illustrations as to how "love sounds." Will appeal to a much broader audience as more will be able to identify with it.

Great vocal and guitar track.
Sweet, down to earth, and connects.
Love the chorus.
Melody line fits.
It's a keeper!
Very nice.

Lyrics Donovan Tucker Music Donovan Tucker
Producer Jay Speight Publisher Famous Faces Music (BMI Publisher)
Performance Jay Speight - vocal Label
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