Stop press...I'de like to ask if there are any females on here who would like to try any of my songs to sing ..feel  free ...also I'm looking for female vocalists for my female country songs etc... So if anyone knows of any female vocals who may be interested get in touch.Also I may give a free licence to use any of my songs for a year if it's suitable to do so.Finally any female vocalist would have to have recording equipment and the the songs would be done over the ethernet via Mp3 files or other form with files being sent back and forth until track is finished.

hi guys ..Al Kerr here ...singer/songwriter writing for around 20 yrs and have around 200 songs ive written of various styles.I write everything from bubble-gum pop to reggae...from folk country to indie style.i love music and to me its the song thats king . performed in various bands over the years and had some local radio now ive broken out of my routine and i'm purely into sonwriting hopefully making h

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watch this space

al reed ...muso

i like coffee i like tea ....

give me a song with a good melody...early fifties going on 35 ..i like indie rock reggae folk country ...etc etc....i think i should have been born stateside as i write in that style...i like tom petty dylan neil young the pretenders ..."chain gang" rules ok...i like americana...and hope to get across to the states at some point if any one has an invite on an exchange basis...i like some modern country but prefer indie country..i own a telecaster copy and a takamine en10 what a guitar ...the best in my opinion..
thats it no more..the end...fini...

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over 30 days ago to Al Kerr

do you have an email cant seem to figure out how to contact you to collab on this place thank you

Hi Al,
Thanks so much for your review of "I Like His Kinda Luvin". i appreciate you taking the time to review it and leave positive/useful comments.

I'll check out some of your songs soon.

Be and stay well!


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Al Kerr
over 30 days ago

cheers Frank...

Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to Al Kerr

Hi Al, Just a note to let you know I read your review of "Bluestone Mountain" contemporary... it is going on a cd of American views of life ... now and in the past... so I have made sure it is easier to listen to... for some reason it was a tough song to get down... I have another version's, it is what I call Bluegrass kinda style... I have been told--NOT!!!! I think that is the one for my cd... I always put songs up before they are totally finished...I have the best producer and engineer in one... always gets the job done, in the thanks for the input.
Gave a listen to couple of your songs.. one you have a couple woman singing, very interesting use of the reverb...
I see your music list is Al Reed music.
Reed is my maiden name spelled with
double E... not often see that in Scotland... ancestral Gfather came from Cornwall in 1660 to Am... was a lieutenant in Cromwells army...guess he wasn't going to wait around after Cromwells the interesting stories... guess that is why I like songs that tell stories. Again thank music🎶🎶🎶Delta

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Al Kerr
over 30 days ago

Thanks surname is actually Kerr..but being a Lou Reed fan for years ...used Reed for my label
Interesting about your ancestory...I used a customised by myself Audacity setting Reverb/delay in audacity ...for all my wishes and seasons greetings...Al

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