When it comes to music, I do not wear "blinders," I do not confine myself to one genre. My song collection is an amalgam of all of the influences that have touched me through the years. For the most part, what I create is often simple and uncluttered. Although I have a warm heart, my vocal tunes can be a bit "burlesque" in nature, often downright earthy and full of that "balls to the wall" "give it your all" style. If you are looking for fully orchestrated and complex arrangements, this is not what you will find on my list. My instrumentals tend to be soothing and melodic. I encourage you to jump around on my list to get an idea of "where I'm comin' from"!

My PRO is BMI.
My contact information is:
e-mail: joannhudsonmail@aol.com

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Small pieces, unfinished; they come and go without a landing strip; my tethers to earth are leaving weekly; now we have lost Nashville Joe. I see the world differently now; it has affected my creativity. So many unanswered comments; I thank all of you who have visited my page during my extended absence; perhaps I will find the energy to read all of the comments. For now, all I can think about is Joe. He confided in me about so many personal things. R.I.P. and sing with the Angels, dear friend.
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