W.O. Lookin' for a M.A.N.

Song Description

Old fashioned up tempo fun Tammy Wynette style country song

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - Traditional


WO Lookin? for an MAN
Well I tried to find a reason
Why I?m so all alone
Did I commit love treason
Or has my heart turned to stone
Well I tried to find the high way
to get around these blues
But every dog gone day
They wake me up with the morning news
Oh I?m a WO Lookin? for an MAN
Well if I didn?t feel so ready
I wouldn?t make a fuss
But I got allot of love in me
That I want to give so much
Well I?m willin? and I?m able
I?ve done all the normal stuff
And Lord knows I?ve tried
To be good enough
Oh I?m a WO Lookin? for an MAN
Well all you lonely ladies
I know what it?s like
And all you married women
Better hold your man real tight
If I had one of my own
Well you know I?d treat him right
And maybe baby today will be my lucky night
Oh I?m a WO Lookin? for an MAN

Lyrics Shandi Music Shandi
Producer Shandi Publisher Some Dame Music BMI
Performance Shandi

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