Eye Of The Pyrimid

Song Description

Classic 80's chick Rock

Song Length 3:00 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Eye of the pyramid
When the glass is half empty
Is it really half full
When the door won?t push
Does it help to pull
With Rolls Royce dreams
and just a walkin? shoe means
Keepin? up with Mr. Jones
Ain?t all that it seems
Get into the eye of the pyramid
See what?s goin? on
Get into the eye of the pyramid
Don?t let the green paper steer you wrong
When your name becomes a number
On the TV screen
First the paper turned to plastic
Now it?s in the big machine
With a heart full of gold
But not a penny to wise
Holdin? on to nothing
Reaching for the skies
Knowing in your heart your dreams
Won?t turn into dust
When you put your faith in something more
Than In God We trust

Lyrics Shandi Sinnamon Music Shandi Sinnamon, Michael Doriane
Publisher Some Dame Music BMI Performance Shandi

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