Damsel In Diss dress

Song Description

Classic 80's rock pop

Song Length 3:00 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Era 1980 - 1989


Damsel In Distress
Lookin? on the street side
Or lookin? on a shelf
Hoping for the real thing
leaning on herself
She got lost on the river
She took a ride on a raft called love
Damsel in distress
If you get close she might confess
She?s a damsel in distress
Don?t know what she?s thinkin?
But she looks on fire
She?s standing pretty tall
Walking? on the wire
Lost her lover on the water
She thought she lost what she never had
thought it was good but it turned out bad
Better to have loved and lost they say
Wish it didn?t have to be that way

Lyrics Shandi Sinnamon Music Shandi Sinnamon, Michael Dorian
Publisher Som Dame Music BMI Performance Shandi

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