Ring Around The Rosie

Song Description

ancient celtic adaptation about the black plague

Song Length 3:00 Genre World - Celtic


Ring Around The Rosie

My father he took ill today
I mus?nt make any noise
My Mom says go outside and play
With the little girls and boys
There?s Meg and Ginny
And John and Mike
All of my mates but one
I wonder where little Will is
And why He didn?t come

Ring around the rosey

A pocket full of posies
Ashes ashes
And they all fall down

We used to play upon the green
With a dozen mates or more
Sometimes we?d be a pirate ship
Or good king nights at war
But now when I go out to play
Less of my mates do I find
I ask my Mother where they?ve gone
She tells me never you mind

One day when I went out to play
I couldn?t find Michael Megee
I asked his little sister Meg
Just where our mate might be
She said that he took ill last night
Upon his bed he lay
And long before the sun came up
A wagon took him away


I can?t go out to play today
I got a pain in me head
When I got up I couldn?t stand
So I had to stay in my bed
Me eyes they hurt me awful bad
When I saw the mornin? light
Don?t let the black men take me Mom
Away in the wagon tonight

Lyrics adapted by Shandi Sinnamon Music adapted by Shandi Sinnamon
Producer Shandi Sinnamon Publisher Some Dame BMI
Performance Shandi

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