Love Sick

Song Description

Traditional up tempo Patsy Cline style country swing

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Traditional


Love Sick
Don?t bother callin? me to go out
I?m Love sick
Don?t bother askin? who it?s about
I?m just Love sick
Best calll the Doctor, put me in bed
this time it ain?t all in my head
I?m Love sick
Torn up
Love sick
Like a long lost pup
If you see my heart
Please pick it up
I?m love sick
Well a gut full a passion with no one to show
that?s love sick
It?s like bein? dressed up with no where to go
Honey, that?s Love sick
I got a jones yeah, got it bad
This is the worst case I?ve ever had
Well it?s like the blues but it?s differnt
It?s like bein? scared in a way
On one hand I do but maybe I won?t
I?m hopin? he will but what if he don?t

Lyrics Shandi Music Peter Andrews
Publisher Some Dame Music BMI, American River Music ASCAP Performance Shandi

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