Whatever U Feel

Story Behind The Song

It's ok to be who you are and do what is best for you. What feels right to you should be the action you take without having to apologize...as long as it doesn't harm others or yourself. :-)

Song Description

It is a fun song that takes the listener on a cool ride while prompting them to do what ever they feel.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Progressive
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Delighted Subject Joy
Similar Artists Ll Cool J, Arrested Development Language English
Era 2000 and later


Whatever U Feel
Written and Performed by Reezin

I don't care if you're divine or demonic
If you're weak or bionic
You smoke cigarettes or chronic
You like Burger King or Sonic

We can just what you wanna do, we can go get the crew or just me and you.
Or we can go flow to the sto', I hope you got dough, 'cause I'm kind of low.
Or we can just ride in my ride, it's right outside; is that all right?
Whatever you feel, just make it real; we can steal a thrill or we can just chill

It don't matter who you are what you got, who you with or what you drive

Verse 1
I'm glad we finally had a chance to spend a night on the town, I see you grooving to the beat so let me turn up the sound.
It's kind of late up in the evening so the windows are closed, passing the blunt back and forth as the AC blows.
Who knows the thoughts in your head like the man at the wheel, you'll think I'm Guy from all the ways I can say lets chill.
Feel the words that I'm speaking, its going straight to your soul, I'm like a fire up in this world to keep you safe from the cold.
And I was taught as a youth, tell your lady the truth, so none of your friends should waste their wind trying to tear us a loose.
Let me tell you where I see us five years from this moment...fully established living lavish and all the haters up on it.

We can have some fun, there's no more sun
We can party all night until the morning light
If you wanna dance, then go dance get out of that stance take a chance
Or you can go your own way, forget what they say; go play no delay, but do it today
Whatever you fell just make it real, we can steal a thrill or we can just chill


I've never been the type to try out shine nobody; but I've always been the type to mack, I find somebody.
So if you don't like me, tough, I wear fly collars and cuffs; I like trippin, wilding out doing crazy stuff.
So I'm gonna let you make it, you do you man, don't fake it;
make your move, don't look back, this your chance, go take it.
I'm gonna do my thing, you do your thing, don't worry about me,
I'm grindin, got pep in my step, I got some hurry about me.
And these girls want me now 'cause I'm a little big boss;
big 6- high joker, king of the floss.
Besides I love this life of leisure, riding in plush; drop-top Jags, boning out player, woooo, what a rush.
What don't kill me makes me stronger, live dangerously, live longer; I gotta get mine...am I wrong or
Right, its a fight day by day and night by night;
all the things I said I'll never do, I've changed my mind, I might.


Lyrics Reezin Music Thomas Moore
Producer T-Mo Publisher Reezin
Performance Reezin; Nite-Train Label DFW Records

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