Born n da 70s

Story Behind The Song

The writer wanted to pay tribute to decade into which he was born. While visiting his small home town one day and sitting on the old prth that he spent so many days on, he wrote Born n the 70s. it felt good to remember everything and recite those lyrics

Song Description

This is a blissful and nostagic look back at the sights and sounds of those who were born in the 70's and early 80's. It celebrates

Song Length 4:12 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Blissful
Subject History, Past Similar Artists Will Smith


Verse 1
Who would?ve thought it? We?re old school now
Born in the 70?s?.Wow!
Everything was groovy, drive-in movies,
Holler if you hear me now, don?t fool me.
Just thinking ?bout my fun times and crazy ways,
Man?..the good ole days
Some of yall might not know what I mean
When I say ?good ole days,?let me paint the scene
The war was over, everybody had a job,
And you could leave your doors open without getting robbed
We didn?t have much but we had each other
Still together in the struggle, but a little bit farther
We watched ?Good Times? and ?Sanford and Son?
And we fought with our hands?no gun
Yeh, someone would lose and someone would win
But either way it went, the next day you?d be friends
Remember the music? Man, it was felt
No frontin allowed, you could be yourself
You could go outside, stand on the curb
Smell some herb, playing Peaches and Herb
The Commodores were in my 8-track tape
And in my afro was my favorite rake
Life was simple, it wasn?t hard to blend
And I just wanna feel good again.

Just looking out of the window, watching the asphalt glow
Thinking how it all looks hand-me-down,
And where I?m gonna end up? I don?t know, but I?m glad that I?ve been where I?ve been
Remembering life and all times with my friends.

Verse 2
Don?t mind me, I?m just an old man rambling
Born in the boot, 30 miles from Grambling
Giving my decade props before my memory stops
I miss how Ali box, I miss the Bob Marley locks
Remember watching ?Roots? for a whole week straight
We were glued to the TV, man we just couldn?t wait
To get from Kunta Kinte, who they treated like a beast
To my man Alex Haley, may he rest in peace
Let?s raise a toast to the boogie, here?s to Quincy Jones
Earth, Wind and Fire, Sly and the Family Stone
The Bee Gee?s fa sho and all the disco
Bellbottoms jeans, the Steelers won the Super Bowl
Riding through the park in the Dodge Charger
Eating Now and Laters, President Jimmy Carter
Before the 80?s hit, mom and dad had split
Those were cool times too, seems we all wanna fit
Anything goes when it came to clothes
Z Cavoricci, plaid Polo?s
I wore my parachute pants when I went to breakdance
I wanna say I never had a curl but I can?t
Plastic on our couch, so no stains on the sofa
Jelly?s Jams, and don?t forget your penny loafers
The Color Purple, Fame, Purple Rain
The Cosby Show, Solid Gold, Soul Train
Who ever invented biker shorts, ?God bless you?
No-pocket Chic jeans, bless you too
Spending all day long with my boom box on
My finger on record, ?I hope they play my song?

Verse 3
Our generation invented rap
Thank You New York, yall put it on the map
LL Cool J, I wanna give you some dap
You don?t know me bruh but you?re the reason I rap
George Clinton, I wanna give you some dap
Run DMC, I wanna give you some dap
New Edition, Keith Sweat, I wanna give you some dap
MTV, I wanna give you some dap
If you ever had a shag, I wanna give you some dap
Prince and Madonna, I wanna give you some dap
Cameo, I wanna give you some dap
Spike Lee, I wanna give you some dap
If you ever had big hair, I wanna give you some dap
Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, I wanna give you some dap
West Coast rappers, I wanna give you some dap
Michael Jackson, I wanna give you some dap,
Your life is different now, but you put Pop on the map
Happy Days, I wanna give you some dap
What?s Happening, I wanna give you some dap
Different Strokes, I wanna give you some dap
George and Weezy, I wanna give you some dap
80-cent gas, I wanna give you some dap
All of yall helped define the times
And I remember it all, God?s been kind.

Lyrics Reezin Music Thomas Moore
Producer Reezin Publisher Reezin
Performance Reezin Label DFW Records
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