Gotta Be There

Song Length 3:00 Genre Unique - General


There are certain things that I?ve got to do
There?s a lotta stuff that I have to see
There quite a few words that I have to say
And there are certain places I Got To Be
Just Got to be; really got to be
I wouldn?t miss it for the world.

Verse 1:
-When my baby is born I gotta be there to cut the cord
-I wanna hang the sign in my ride that says ?Baby on Board?
-When he takes his first steps I gotta be there to help
-You gotta understand, It takes a man to raise a man
-teach him how to ride a bike, and fly a kite
-How to tie his shoes?wrong from right
-Teach him how to play sports I gotta make him a winner
-And I gotta be home for dinner
-I?ll be right there with cha lady, chilling, killing time together
-Making you feel better, safer, during stormy weather
-I?ll be there in morning to kiss ya baby
-I gotta see my little girl become a young lady
-I gotta meet that dead man who comes to pick my daughter up
-If he ever treat her bad, he?s getting slaughtered up?
-Honey, I know you can?t wait to lose that weight
-but if you don?t or if you do, I?ll wait (I?ll wait)

Chorus( I got to be there, got to be there , gotta, gotta, gotta

Verse 2:
I gotta be there for graduation and explanation,
observation, medication, transportation
see mom get married, and relive her dreams
I want ground floor seats for my favorite teams
I wanna see my sister get out of debt, ain?t seen that yet
And my brother get a job, I mean, ?keep? a job
Speaking of job, seems like no one relaxes
I gotta see ?em outlaw income taxes
I gotta see the building fund at our church get paid off,
Be there to see governors, senators and presidents laid-off
When I watch the news, I wanna see all good news
I gotta see cars fly, and racism die
I gotta be there to watch us grow old as we turn life?s page
The kids are gone?you?ve gotten more beautiful with age.
When God says I?m done, I gotta approach his throne
And thank Him face-to-face for my whole life long

Ending Chorus

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