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With all the trouble that we (guys) cause in relationships, it's nice see patient women who put up with our sh#$. Even though we don't admit it or say it enough...we need you and we're glad you're around.

Song Length 1:49 Genre Spoken Word - Poetry


Sometimes in life, not often, but every once in a while
Life don?t seem so bad and something makes me smile
Like, when I?m with my girl no matter what?s going on
Whether it?s jamming at a party or talking on the phone
Things just always seem to be alright
When noise is all around me, she?s my quiet
She let?s me be me, no need to front or lie
She doesn?t like it when I drink, she never liked me when I was high
And hay, when money is tight, it?s still no prob.
She says, "As long as we got gas baby, we can still mob"
We like driving down the highway, just laughing at folks
And she always laughs at my corny jokes
We don?t have to be no where special or doing nothing
And when she?s not around, I wish she wasn?t
She lets me hang out Saturday night with the fellows raising hell
But then takes me to church on Sunday trying to save Mr. Cail
Because of her I?m now drug-free and I?m not in no gangs
If I?m ever in trouble, she in the thick of thangs
Seems like the sun shines brighter every time she?s around
?This fool is whipped?, ?That fool is sprung?,... yeah I know how I sound :-)
But I?m glad she?s always there to tend to my wounds
'Cause I?m afraid if she wasn?t, you might be visiting my tomb.
Life without her would be scary.......very
I don't deserve her. she calls me Chaos...on the contrary....I call her Sanctuary

Lyrics Reezin Music N/A
Producer Reezin Publisher Herman Cail
Performance Reezin Label DFW Records

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