Madd !

Song Description

Mad / upset at the world , and how unfair / unforgiving it can be.

Song Length 4:03 Genre Rap - General, Rap - Progressive
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Mad Subject General
Language English Era 2000 and later


Madd !

Verse 1 :

Get on the bus and ride in the seat that Rosa had
put on my shoes and walk a mile that I have
then you'll see why my face is very sad
It's not sad ... in reality it's really madd
madd at the world and the way the system uses me
madd at my girl cause she always steady sweating me
madd at my dogs cause they never keep their mouths shut
I don't trust them ... so i expect nothing less
madd at my babies for the way they fuss and whine and cry
madd at my job cause my check is never on time
madd at the Warriors cause they let Chris Weber get away
when the Pistons play I know that's when they'll pay
madd at myself because I know my girl deserves better
she tried to go to school but our situation wouldn't let her
madd at my son cause all he want's to be is cool
and all I really want is for him to stay in school
get your degree so you can lead the way
but all he's concered about is what he's gonna wear today.
and I'm madd ... now let them horns play.

Chorus :
Madd Madd Madd !

Verse II :

Madd at the man ... the politicans ... the government
for the way they lie and hide ... and smoke that secret shit
madd at the State ... cause a lot of teachers saw the door
because of over spending ... who's gonna suffer more.
madd at the school but I know the teachers do their best
overcrowed classrooms doesn't help them past the test
books on the mend ... short paper and pens
teachers lounge getting thin ... tell me when will it end
madd at the city cause they took away my only job
because of budget cuts ... feel like I'm being robbed
madd at the fact that unemployment is at all time high
the reelection of Bush ... someone tell me why
madd at the man who took it in his hands to crash those planes
and now the countrys changed ... it'll never be the same
Calm down Mike ... calm down
but i'm madd ... now let them horns play

Chorus :
I don't get no madder than that (repeat)

Verse III :

Madd at the fact that Martin Luther and Malcom are gone
If they were still here ... our vision still be strong
madd at the ones who steady bootleg my shit
If not for that ... I think I'd probabily be rich
madd at the fact that the Coup they don't get no love Boots and Pam ya steady keep your head up
madd at the chick who tried to destroy my man Jordans fame
and then it's Kobe's fame this shit is just a shame
look what happend ta two of the best in this game
madd at the one who told me Jesus was fake
I pray to him ... and now my vision's very straight
madd at the one who felt it right to take Tupak's life
and then its Biggies life... this shit just ain't right
the great Jam Master J ... he even lost his life
I said it just ain't right ... you know it just ain't right
that's why I'm madd tonight because it just ain't right.

( C ) 2006 / P4M

Lyrics Mike Johnson / Vernon Debose / James Tyler / P4M Music Vernon Debose / Mike Johnson
Producer P4M Performance Mikey Mike / James Tyler // Piano Solo : James Tyler / Vernon Debose

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