Intro (Part One)

Song Length 1:08 Genre Rap - West Coast
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed Subject History, Past
Language English Era 1990 - 1999



My mike sounds nice check one ...
my mike sounds nice check two...
my mike sounds nice check three...
check it out !

Sitting in a chair with a pen and a pad
and was i thinking about them brothers that once made me mad
and i was thinking about u suckers ... that once did me wrong
when u woundn't let me grab the mike and do my song
But now...that my rhymes are checking in
see everybody wantta be my buddy and friend.

But i say to u back stabbers
and all u hungry money grabbers
get off the tip ... now that u know me I am madder.

Madder than before ... when u treated me like a whore.
ya dissed me to my face and told me get out the door
but me...I took my PAIN and wrote a rhyme with it
I wasn't tripping ... I knew they couldn't git with it.
they slipped once ... I took my fist and made a hit with it
now they'er realizing that they couldn't git with it
I got my gameplan tight
you're the target ...and I am goona hit it
sit right down...listen close...and u will admit it.

I am the man wit the crew ... and i know we'll hit it.
hit the top ... going nonstop
keep the beat knocking ... teach u suckers how to rock the mike.
u know why ...
cause my mike sounds nice check one
my mike sounds nice check two
my mike sounds nice check three.

( C ) 2006 / P4M

Lyrics Mike Johnson Music Vernon Debose / Mike Johnson / James Tyler / P4M
Producer P4M Performance Mikey Mike / P4M

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