Good O Daze's Part 1

Song Description

Reminencing and paying tribute to day 's ( Good O Daze's) gone bye.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Sociable Subject History, Past
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


Good O Daze's Part 1

Verse 1 :

P4M - p4m ... bout to take you way back
Back in the days when your friends were your cousin
and your very best friend you called him your brother
u even went so far to call his moms mother
his dad known as pops and his brother little solider
you could see it in his eyes just can't wait to get older
so he could hang and kick it with his big brothers.
Do you remember Go Carts from nothing
Robbin fruit trees ... Slappin butts and runnin
making false claims on your out of town cousin
tellin your enemies when he comes he's gone dust them
knowing all awhile that he wasn't gone touch them.
do you remember the house party Kid n Play had
my man Kid looking just like eraser head
do you remember Michael slidin at them AmA's
talking bout B - boying ... going main stream
cause to us backsliding was an everyday thang.
Do you remember the very first time ya heard RAP
ever since that day tryin to get that feelin back
u need that feelin back ... I'm fina take it back
I'm fina hit ya back ... got to get that feelin back

Chorus :

Let's take a trip down memory lane
back to the times of the Good O Daze's
(Biker shorts, Jerri curls, High tops, and Fades
When moms and dad paid for everythang)
Let's take it back how far can you go,
how much old school do you really know.
(Big wheels, Kangoos, and Afro puffs
the Soul Train line you couldn't get enough)

Verse II :

Do you remember cartoons on saturdays
waking up early cause that the day the good ones played
do you remember Conjunction junction
still tryin to find out what's that function
do you remember when this was the deal
Have no fear ... Underdog here's !
Romper stomper ... Romper room
or my man Fred flintstone and little Kazoo
or that old captin Captin Kangaroo
or when the Justice league battled the Legion of Doom
Do you remember when Barney first hit the scene
"I love you" was the favorite thing
do you remember when James died on Good Times
and the Cosby show ruled all prime time
Arsenio Hall doing his late night thang ... make ya all say with the woof and the hay !

Repeat Chorus :

Verse III ( final ) :

Do you remember when you fell in love with Hip Hop
was it when you heard Krs and Scott li Rock
or saw some break dancin down at the burger spot
or five minutes of funk non-stop
was it when Run-Dmc spoke of Hard Times
Eric b and Ra ... Mahogny's on their mind
do u remember when Ice T first hit the scene
Ganster beats and rymes he changed the whole thing
Fresh Prince speaking on Summer Time
but now he's Will Smith with lyrics still devine.
do you remember when Ice Cube went solo.
talking bout jackin Nissan trucks and so much mo.
Millie Vaninllie on stage really fruntin
actin like they singin when we found that they really wasn't.
do you remember Larry Blackmons Red croch,
talkin bout Word Up ... we thought he'd never stop

Repeat Chorus

( C ) 2006 Mike Johnson / James Tyler

Lyrics Mike Johnson / James Tyler Music James Tyler
Producer Mike Johnson / James Tyler Performance Mikey Mike / Charles Obichere

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