Song Description

Life is full of consequnces & effects. Check it out !

Song Length 3:36 Genre Rap - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Nonviolent Subject Life
Language English Era 2000 and later



Intro Verse :

This is a tale about consequences
watch what you say and what you do
cause consequences will always come back on you
Check it out

Verse I :

Let me tell you bout this guy name Mike
he's use to doing everything he like
he didn't trip on the consequences
playin them suckers and taking chances
he treated his girl like she didn't exist
but she was there when he needed something to hit
he needed her cause she paid the rent
cause every dollar that he made was spent.
He spent it all ... on number one
livin life and having fun .
He lived life like he'd always win
til one day it came to an end.

Chorus :

You don't know what your doing
u don't know what your in for
u don't know who your playin`
u don't know what's in store
u don't know what your doing
u don't know what your in for
u don't know who your playin

Verse II :

Let me tell u you what just happened
I'm gone try to explain this as i'm Rappin
this happend after a night Mike was on one
punchin on her like he was trying to hit a home run
next thing you know she had a bat
one swing and everything went black
Mike wokeup and she was gone
she took his car ... his money ... and his celluar phone
Then he thougth I should call the cops ... not !
cause everything that he had she bought
then he realized he's in deep shit
cause she used to pay all the rent.
It's time to cope with the Consequences
that's just the start pay close attention
Mr Mike got a knock at the door
Cops standing there I think three or more... they said
you have the right to remain silent... keep it still and no need for violence
I'm not the violent type ... and I don't go that route
but can someone tell me what this is all about.
your being charged with assault and battery
the violent type Mike screamed that's not me
that's not for me to say ... that's for the judge to tell
my only job is to haul you off to jail

Repeat chorus :

Now Mikes like stuck in a rut
this shit get's deeper let me tell you what's up
he's in the Pen ( Jail ) with some cats he played before
three or four cats slangin yo from Frisco.
He played them foul with a Goldmedal move
had enough flour to cook a ton of fried food
they thinkin man heres our chance for revenge
I can't believe he's locked up with us in the pen
ducking and dodging tryin to keep low profile
But its time for consequences to be paid now
his fatal day happen standing in the chow line
I think Mike got three shanks from behind
the first hit the lung ... the other hit the spine
and by the third shank ... he was out of time.
This was a tale about consequences
I hope ya all paid close attention
watch what you say and what you do
because consequences will come back on you .

Repeat Chorus / Fade ( End )

( C ) 2006 / P4M

Lyrics Mike Johnson / Vernon Debose / James Tyler / P4M Music Vernon Debose / Mike Johnson / James Tyler / P4M
Producer P4M Performance Mikey Mike (lead) / Charles Obichere (Chorus)

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