Song Description

Fun song about voyeurism!

Song Length 3:18 Genre Rock - Grunge, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Era 2000 and later


Sunglasses trenchcoat leather gloves silent shoes
watching every move you make know what kind of soap you
use I love my job know every trick taped your midnight
rendezvous Hush hush Click click X-ray I see you I'm the
hunter I spy my prey never wonder you'll never get away
Danger lurks round every corner truth is out there trust no
one infiltrate the secret order pictures from the cell phone
I see the patterns through the lies see right through the
threads you bear low-light vision goggled eyes turn around
and I'll be there Privacy there's no such thing every Watergate
I'm in at the beach or at the mall at your sister's house last fall
I do it for the greater good expose your shame to everyone
reveal what's under lift the hood one more shot before I'm
done (chorus)

Lyrics Ron Ferraro Music Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson
Producer Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson, Ron Ferraro Performance Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson, Ron Ferraro
Label self-released

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