Song Description

A relationship/circus song!

Song Length 2:33 Genre Rock - Punk, Rock - Punk
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


I'm walking down down
the walk I see a clown and he starts to talk to me I'm getting the
gist of what he's trying to say he's telling me I should stay away
from you I say it isn't true and he says it's okay I don't have to believe him he don't care anyway but the words kept ringin'
through my head all day He said that you're in love with the lion
tamer and you're having an affair with the elephant trainer and
the acrobats all know you intimately He said last night you were
alone with the new magician and you've got a secret crush on
the lights technician and you're the rhinestone temptress of the
flying trapeze and he said you're gonna break my heart Ringin'
ringin' ringin' ringin' through my head (x6) I'm pacing round and
round the center ring the motorcycle man comes up to me and
he says He says I'm not the only one who's been to your trailer
and he says he's not the kind of guy to kiss and tell but he did

Lyrics Ron Ferraro Music Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson
Producer Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson, Ron Ferraro Performance Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson, Ron Ferraro
Label self-released
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