Fanatic Addict

Song Description

" amusing and infectious ode to dance-crazy babes..." - Jarret Keene, Las Vegas CityLife magazine

Song Length 2:26 Genre Electronic - Industrial, Rock - Grunge
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Joyful, Delighted
Subject Dance, Celebration Similar Artists Bush, Nine Inch Nails
Language English


Shakin' to the beat of the sound in your head
substances and liquor mixing with your meds you're really not
sure but you think you're at the show what you're hearin' ain't
what's playing so just go with the flow Moving like a hippie or
a gypsy in slow-mo Vultures are circlin' and workin' their mojo
You take another swig and you're feeling fine Nothing like a
party to make you feel alive Don't know what you're on girl but
I want some Keep movin' like that and the cops are gonna
come Like a cross between striptease and interpretive dance
Makin' up your own rhythm It's like you're in a trance (chorus)
Always one on any dance floor on any given night showing
everything but shame and you're the one tonight This ain't a
criticism baby it's a tribute to you for workin' those weapons
that God gave you (chorus)

Lyrics Ron Ferraro Music Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson
Producer Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson, Ron Ferraro Publisher n/a (onara)
Performance Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson, Ron Ferraro Label n/a (onara)

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