Luv N' Caress

Song Description

Party song!!

Song Length 2:00 Genre Rock - Punk, Rock - Punk
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Joyful, Glad
Subject Falling in Love, Tonight, Night, Evening Similar Artists The Offspring
Language English Era 2000 and later


Luv N' Caress Friday night half
past 5 pick up the kegs and drive Get to the spot 6 o'clock wait
for the girls to arrive They show up late quarter to 8 too many
beers I can't see straight Kissed the wrong girl gave it a whirl
punched in the face I'm startin' to hurl Skipped right past 10
can't remember 11 started feelin' alright by the fireworks at
midnight we were runnin' from the sirens when I saw you cryin'
cheered you up as we went You gave me a breath mint hid up
on the roof of some farmer's chicken coop it's 1:17 I'm with a
beauty queen My damsel in distress I need your Luv N' Caress
you came without warning we stayed up there 'til morning
Saturday came and you went away never even got your last
name Your number on my palm was smeared and gone now
I'll never see you again

Lyrics Ron Ferraro Music Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson
Producer Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson, Ron Ferraro Publisher n/a
Performance Rob Iafrate, Karl Hanson, Ron Ferraro Label n/a

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